A Joyous Reunion

Strengthening Mission Churches began with the vision of a mission-minded man and his wife. Now, both have gone to their eternal home.

Almost 30 years ago, health concerns forced Harvey Childress to leave full-time ministry. In his time he planted churches in the upper Midwest and was instrumental in the founding of York College. He and his wife Sue preached, visited, prayed, and promoted. Dozens of churches owe their very existence to Harvey and Sue and their passion for evangelism.

When Harvey retired, the Lord was not finished with him. He wanted to help small, mission churches grow and develop strong leadership. Harvey and Sue settled at the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, TX where the elders encouraged him to keep up his work with small churches through contacts and, ultimately, through video training. The seed of that work became Strengthening Mission Churches.

Harvey passed away a few years ago. On Monday, June 4th, his wife Sue joined him in heaven. (It was Harvey’s birthday!) They are reunited again for eternity with a Lord they served with an unwavering heart.

Sue’s services were held at Waterview on Saturday, June 9th.

We thank God for Harvey and Sue. May we have the same passion to carry on their work in the kingdom.

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