A New Chapter

Robert Oglesby Bio PictureMany preachers have long tenures in churches, but no preacher can say he has been the only preacher a 52 year old church has ever had. That distinction goes to Robert K. Oglesby, the pulpit minister of the Waterview Church of Christ.

On September 7th he announced he would be retiring on February 1, 2014 2015, the 52nd anniversary of coming to the newly planted Waterview church in Richardson, TX. Since that time, the church of about 150 has grown to over 1300, started a new congregation in North Plano, and has been instrumental in dozens of mission works. One of them is Strengthening Mission Churches.

While Robert is retiring from preaching at Waterview every Sunday, he will still continue to work part-time. One of his duties will be to help with SMC programs.

He has already contributed several titles in our video lending library.

  • Preparation and Delivery of Sermons
  • The Dynamics of Teaching Adult
  • Beginning Leadership
  • How to Interpret the Bible
  • Personal Evangelism Training
  • Becoming a Better Leader

We look forward to producing new material with Robert. Plans call for some kind of training in conflict resolution, effective meetings, and group dynamics in Bible classes.

For those of us at Waterview, we thank the Lord for the long time of work which today is as sharp as it ever has been. For you, it will be an opportunity to learn from one of the best local ministers in recent history.

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  1. Wasn’t that retirement date in 2015 rather than 2104?

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