About SMC

The Strengthening Mission Churches Ministry (SMC) strives to produce and distribute resources to:

  • Increase the vision of small churches;
  • Promote the planning, growth, and effectiveness of small churches;
  • Develop church leaders for greater effectiveness.

Our aim is to plant the seed where it is not sown, water the seed that has been sown, and glorify God in the increase of His kingdom.

Our Background

In 1983, the Waterview Church of Christ in Richardson, TX saw a unique opportunity. Harvey Childress, who had years of experience planting and growing congregations in the Midwest, retired to Richardson. Waterview asked Harvey to start a new ministry that would help small mission churches find the strength and resources they need to become self-supporting and thriving congregations.

Harvey accepted the challenge, built the ministry into a free-of-charge lending video library of growth and leadership resources.

Since that time, dozens of programs have been produced and over 1000 mission churches have experienced the hope and help they need.

Our Resources

The core of SMC’s outreach effort is a video resource library of dozens of titles to train churches in leadership, involvement and evangelism. All DVD programs can be borrowed for only the cost of return postage or can be purchased for a nominal fee (which covers our costs).

Other items are available through SMC

  • Information about helping preachers navigate the ministry waters and last.
  • Information for helping elders and churches move forward.
  • Details on shooting the rapids of a church plant.
  • Two special programs to train your members who to teach their friends and neighbors and how to open the door to Bible study.

2 Responses to About SMC

  1. Hello,
    My name is Karl Flem and I am the preacher for a fairly young congregation located in Hillsboro, Ohio. We have about thirty in attendance each Lord’s Day. We have purchased house located in the center of town that we have remodeled into a church house. We are surrounded by several Christian churches that use instrumental music…we do not use mechanical methods to worship God. We had been looking for teaching resources when I stumbled on to your web site. We are especially interested in the material by Bill Humble and any leadership materials you would recommend. I teach High School and do not take any support from the congregation. Brotherly, Karl Flem

  2. Hello:

    My name is Karl Flem and am a High School teacher who preaches for the Sunnyside Church of Christ, Hillsboro, Ohio. We are always looking for resources to help develop leadership in the congregation. I accidentally stumbled on to your web site and I am impressed with the selection materials you have available. I am in the process of teaching a Survey of the Bible Course and I would like to use some of the Bill Humble material you have on the Restoration of New Testament Christianity.
    Brotherly, Karl Flem

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