Helping the Small Church Do More Than Survive

frustrationIt’s Sunday, and the crowd is small. You’ve worked hard, prayed harder, and you feel your heart break. Why can’t we grow? Why can’t we reach out? Are we just doomed to extinction?

Every leader in a small church experiences the raw emotions of great desire coupled with frustration.

That’s where Strengthening Mission Churches helps. Our goal at SMC is to place resources into the hands of struggling, yet valiant church leaders in small churches. Go through our video library of titles to get help. More is scheduled In the coming months, we plan to ramp up our work.

We will look at:

How do I get the congregation to help in the church? (We usually call this involvement, and it takes more than just a plea during the announcements or a signup sheet posted on a foyer bulletin board.)

How do I get an evangelistic congregation? You’ve preached the sermons and harangued, pleaded, and guilted. Everyone sees evangelism as the church’s job, just not my task. We’ll tackle how to start an evangelism push that is non-threatening and easy.

How do I deal with technology in the church? Today, it seems that Powerpoint is the king, but small churches have trouble implementing it inexpensively. What can you do to bring more technology into the church?

Then there is conflict! How do I handle in such a way as not to damage the church or avoid it all together, so it smolders? Listen to Robert Oglesby give you concrete steps to deal with the inevitable clashes in congregations.

This space will cover these and many other topics. In the coming months, we will have this space dedicated to some of these areas, but more importantly, we will provide short, online video resources to help.

So come back for more. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. More importantly, let me know what perplexes you and what could help you. Leave a comment below and we can start the conversation.

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