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Our Programs

Since 1984 we have offered a Lending Library of video programs for church training, education and consultation.

  • We have a library of more than 60 different programs that you may borrow.
  • These programs include more than 150 individual lessons.

There is no charge for these programs, you simply return the program when you are finished showing them. (Your only cost is the return postage.) A description of the programs are listed below. You may send us an email or call the toll free number 1-800-803-4870  to order any of the programs.  All programs are sent in DVD format to keep at a cost of $10 per program.

No deposit is required. Once you request a program it will be sent along with an invoice. If you choose to keep the program, please pay the amount on the invoice. If the program is returned, you will owe nothing.


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Preaching and Communication

The Life and Work of Preachers – Program 101

By Harvey Childress
Harvey Childress teaches these two lessons on the life and work of preachers, based on his 56 years of experience as a local preacher. Harvey grew up and was trained in Texas, but much of his experience was gained in doing local work in mission fields in the U.S. Harvey worked successfully with five different local churches. In each case the church experienced significant growth and became self-supporting.

These lessons should prove valuable to preachers and leaders in small and medium sized churches.

Preparation and Delivery of Sermons – Program 102

By Robert Oglesby
Robert Oglesby, pulpit minister for the Waterview church for over 30 years, teaches these two lessons on preparation and delivery. Robert analyzes the structure of a sermon using a homely example that is not only useful, but memorable. These lessons are targeted for those who are aspiring to preach or who want to upgrade their preaching effort. These lessons illustrate the structure and content of a sermon.

Vision – Program 103

By Harvey Childress
This 17-minute lesson by Harvey Childress is designed to recapture the vision of the early church, that evangelized the world in one generation. The intent is to stimulate evangelistic fervor in the church today. This is an excellent lesson to start any personal work or outreach effort in the local church, or a one-time lesson for ladies Bible class or evening services.

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Church Growth

Churches in Temporary Quarters – Program 201

By Harvey Childress
This lesson examines the situation of churches meeting in temporary quarters to determine what can be done to stimulate growth. The lesson points out the potential disadvantages that can be overcome. Growth can be achieved in temporary quarters by following this good advice.

The Possibility for Growth – Program 202

By Flavil Yeakley
Flavil Yeakley, a church growth expert in our brotherhood, highlights for us the methods that can bring church growth. He analyzes church growth to identify the factors that lead to growth and how we can make use of them today.

Plan for Growth – Program 203

By Harvey Childress
In this lesson Harvey Childress emphasizes the importance of planning in our church growth efforts. He sketches for us the way we can make the necessary plans and implement them in such a way as to cause the church to grow numerically. This lesson includes many practical ideas for church growth.

Build on Your Own Strengths – Program 204

By Harvey Childress
Any small church has some particular strength that can be used to generate growth. Harvey pinpoints how we can identify our strengths and then make use of them to grow. You will be surprised what hidden strengths you might have.

Methods of Personal Evangelism – Program 205

By W.A. Harrison
W. A. is fondly known as “Dub” at Waterview. He has been in the mission field and has introduced and worked many different methods of personal evangelism. In this single lesson he discusses the methods of evangelism he has found successful.

Friendship Evangelism – Program 206

By Waterview Staff Members
Some of the Waterview preaching staff discusses the notion of using friendship as way to win souls to Christ. We have seen some success from this program here and it is likely to offer you some opportunities to reach out.

Let’s Grow Again – Program 208

By Harvey Childress
Harvey Childress discusses ways churches can stimulate growth even after years of decline. This single lesson offers some interesting ideas about our attitude of growth.


Reclaiming the Inactive – Program 303

By W.A. Harrison
“Dub” Harrison served as Waterview’s Congregational Care Minister for many years. In this lesson he shares some ideas about identifying and reclaiming those who have grown inactive. This is a way to keep from losing ground.

Caring for the Lord’s Body – Program 304

By W.A. Harrison
This is a single lesson on the subject of involving members in order to keep them active. This is also the secret to helping them continue to grow spiritually.

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Bible Classes

Bible Class Help for Small Churches – Program 400

By Harvey Childress
Four lessons on this Program offers help for Bible classes for small churches. These lessons consider help you might be able to make use of to enhance all of your classes.

Building Preschool Classes – Program 402

By Willora Oglesby & Barbara Jackson
This video is a compilation of the material these ladies have used in workshops for several years. They offer ideas about what preschoolers can learn and what are the best methods to teach them.

Teaching Children in Grades 1, 2 and 3 – Program 403

By Ann Gray
Ann’s theme is “Every Child a Winner.” She demonstrates the ways to teach these grades. Some very useful material is contained in this lesson.

How to Have a Biblically-Based Youth Ministry – Program 405

By Russell McLaughlin
Russell is an exceptional example of an effective youth minister. He shares with us the secrets he has found successful in building an effective and Biblical program for youth in the church.

The Dynamics of Teaching Adults – Program 407

By Robert Oglesby
This class is designed to pinpoint the dynamics found in adult teaching situations. Adults need to be treated like adults if learning is to be interesting and effective

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Church Leadership

Beginning Leadership – Program 501

By Robert Oglesby
Robert Oglesby deals with the subject of leadership by using Bible principles and examples to illustrate effective leadership. This single study is a good introduction to leadership.

Leadership before Elders – Program 502

By Flavil Yeakley
Brother Yeakley examines the need for leadership in supervising, shepherding, and making decisions even if there are no elders in a local church. Small churches can grow good leaders by using the techniques offered in this single video lesson.

Developing Adequate Leaders – Program 503

By Harvey Childress
Each church needs to know how to identify and develop emerging leaders. This single lesson by Harvey Childress, show how to make use of this principle in small churches to help grow good leaders.

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Current Issues

Miracles – Program 601

By Jimmy Jividen
This Program series examines the issue of miracles in the church, past and present, to see what the scriptures teach about this important topic.

Worship in Song – Program 602

By Jimmy Jividen
These six lessons by Jimmy Jividen are very useful in establishing the principles involved in our worship. This series is vital in today’s environment in the Lord’s church.

Fellowship – Program 603

By Jimmy Jividen
Six lesson from Jimmy Jividen about the subject of fellowship. He examines the Biblical meaning of fellowship and who should be included in our fellowship. He also examines who should be excluded from our fellowship and why. This is a good series for solid teaching.

Alive in the Spirit – Program 606

By Jimmy Jividen
Six lesson from Jimmy Jividen regarding the Holy Spirit and His work in our religion. He recounts and establishes the work of the Spirit in the Bible and in our lives. A difficult topic made easy, for all ages of students. You will likely find this program inspiring and uplifting.

Speaking in Tongues – Program 608

By Jimmy Jividen
Six lesson from Jimmy Jividen about a basic doctrinal issue. After a great deal of research, Jimmy is able to pinpoint what “tongues” were used for in the New Testament. He demonstrates the limited use of this miracle and the time in which it was active. He analyzes the present use of tongues and the futility of its practice.

How to Interpret the Bible – Program 609

By Robert Oglesby
Robert illustrates the common sense way to understand and interpret the scriptures. He removes some of the mystery and makes it plain to honest and seeking people.

The Winds of Change – Program 610

By Harvey Childress
In these four lessons about change, Harvey shows what kinds of change would benefit the church and what change is dangerous and could damage the church.

Women and the Church – Program 613

By Dave Miller
Dave Miller brings us four lessons that discuss the importance of the work of women in the church. The series also points out things that women should not do in the church.

More Than a Feeling – Program 617

By Jimmy Jividen
This well-known preacher deals with the subject of our worship to God. In four lessons he analyzes many aspects of the subject including some contemporary issues about how we should and should not worship.

Faith Building Resources

A Model Church – Program 611

By Harvey Childress
Here are six lessons that show how to use God’s plan to replicate the church found in the New Testament. These six lessons detail how we can build the original church today.

Our Glorious Worship – Program 612

By Harvey Childress
We have six lessons on this Program that can help make worship an uplifting experience. We can learn how to glorify God, magnify Christ and edify ourselves.

Blessings From God – Program 615

By Harvey Childress
Harvey compares our rich blessings from God to material riches. He recounts what great blessing we have because we are children of God. Could be followed by Program #616

Rich Toward God – Program 616

By Harvey Childress
Harvey continues the idea of our riches and compares it to an inheritance we have from God. he recounts the many spiritual blessings which are more valuable than gold and silver.

It’s a Wonderful Life – Program 702

By Harvey Childress
Harvey uses this title for a single video lesson that speaks of the many blessing we gain by being Christians. This lesson is ideal to use with home Bible studies and as a follow up on personal work.

Triumphant Living – Program 703

By Harvey Childress
These lessons demonstrate the way someone can be triumphant in their Christian life. Excellent for use with recently baptized, newly restored, or weak Christians to inspire them to live a rewarding life in Christ.

Enriching Our Lives – Program 604

By Harvey Childress
Six lessons based on the book of Philippians, in which the author reveals how our lives are enriched as we practice our religion. This is an uplifting and enriching series. This is a good Program for Ladies class or evening services.

Equipping the Saints to Pray – Program 605

By Harvey Childress
Six lesson on how Christians can develop their prayer life. The series identifies what prayer can do to improve our lives in Christ.

Christ and His Church – Program 607

By Harvey Childress
Six lesson on Christ and His church. Harvey recounts and establishes the relationship between Christ and His church. He discusses His expectations and blessing for His church. This series will help appreciate the sacrifice and providence involved in bringing the church to the world.

Our Restoration Heritage – Program 706

By Bill Humble
In this program Dr. Humble visits many of the places where significant events occurred in the early days of the Restoration effort in Ireland, Scotland and America. He helps us understand the contribution many have made to our having a restored New Testament church.

Bible Lands – Program 707

By Bill Humble
This program is shot onsite in the Holy Land and shows us where significant events occurred.

Light From Above – Program 708

By Bill Humble
This video deals with the roots of Alexander Campbell, his growth and conviction arising from his disciplined study of the Bible. The author shows how Campbell got his insight and understanding about restoring the New Testament church. The program reiterates the principle of the restored church.

Archeology and the Bible – Program 709

By Bill Humble
This Program includes eight lessons that verify the Bible story in light of historical discoveries, based on Archeology.

Like Fire in Dry Stubble – Program 710

By Bill Humble
This program contains four lessons from the life of Barton Stone, another early leader in the Restoration Movement. It recounts the influence of Barton Stone in Kentucky during the early half of the 1800’s.

The Seven Churches of Asia – Program 711

By Bill Humble and Ian Fair
Dr. Humble and Ian Fair bring us this lesson as they visit the seven cities where these churches once existed. The spiritual lessons are strong and usable for today’s church.

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Our Newest Titles

If This is a War, Then Think Like a General–#800

by Robert G. Taylor

There’s a quiet war, but you can’t find the battlefield on a map. A legion of victims fall to the guerilla tactics of the enemy daily. Landmines litter the landscape and each can be deadly. The battlefield is not in the Middle East, but in the midst of the human heart–your heart. The devil moves stealthily to wound, take captive then move in for the kill. If you plan to fight the devil, you better get ready. If this is a war, it’s time to think like a general. What strategy do you bring to the battlefront? How do you wage the silent, but threatening war for your soul?

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Special Tools for Outreach

The Story video series

Several years ago, Robert Oglesby taught a training session on evangelism at the Waterview Church of Christ. Small video cameras were just coming on the market, so Robert filmed himself for a training tool.

One member saw it and said, “I have a friend I want to teach with the video.” Robert protested that it was a training tape, but to no avail. The man showed it to his friend and baptized him into Christ.

The result was a video series called One Story. In 1996, Robert and professional movie director and Waterview member Tom Moore, went to Palestine and shot a new version called The Story.

The Story presents a panoramic view of the Bible with the backdrop of the places in which Bible events occurred. A prologue presents the plan of salvation is a concise and loving manner.

Recently, The Story became available on DVD and is for sale to small mission churches at the reduced rate of $19.95. (The regular price from RKO Video is $29.95.)

Personal Evangelism Training

What’s the hardest thing to do in a local church? Persuade your members they can teach their friends and neighbors.

You hear all kinds of complains such as:

    • I don’t know enough.
    • I can’t handle difficult questions.
    • I don’t like to memorize.

Personal Evangelism Training (PET) is a series designed to train your members how to conduct a home Bible study without memorizing anything. It provides the big picture of the Bible and trains people how to handle the “tough” questions in a forthright, yet loving way.

For over 40 years, the Waterview Church of Christ has trained hundreds of its members who use it in dozens of churches. Training was always a “live” event, but with this DVD series, you can have a class with Robert Oglesby demonstrating what to do and how to do it.

Don’t let the excuses prevent your congregation from being an evangelistic church that shares God’s word with people. Get this series and start training people today!.

PET is available on DVD and is for sale to small mission churches for $19.95 for the two disk set.


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